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The dangers of active break

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The dangers of active break

 After the emergence of the running from the start of 35-45 minute test that for a while after stopping the run - up to several hours - remains.
Improve the stress-solving and the monotony of tolerance, which properties are undoubtedly a great need in our busy daily lives.

The product's body image is improved, which affects our self-image and relationships with bringing to the world.
 Of course, as all kinds of goodies, also in relation to the person running the moderation, as much chronic arthritis can result in injury or even so-called fatigue fractures
John Barban Scam
Therefore, it is essential to follow the rules of gradation, which should be carefully raise the running duration and intensity later.

 Never miss the warm-up, cool-down and stretching after a run either!   
Muscle injuries: bruises, muscle tear, hematoma Soft tissue contusion: the physical damage to the bone not only the skin, or muscle damage.

As seemingly minor injury cases, the victims do not always seek medical advice, and therefore associated injuries such as mechanical damage to the skin may include pitfalls.
Many times the patient's doctor will not happen in time, so the delayed diagnosis of treatment delay, this may result in deterioration of the chances of recovery.

 Muscle tear: muscle continuity is interrupted. The tear may be complete or partial.
In such cases, the patient's damaged limb difficulty or inability to move.

The high degree of pain and swelling in the patient medical care right into place, so detection of these cases the appropriate physical examination and imaging with no difficulty bleeding within the muscle build up muscle fibers.


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