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The lesser-known absolute furnishings of exercise

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The lesser-known absolute furnishings of exercise

Abnormal when playing sports - anorexia the vitamin tablets inhibit the beneficial effects of sports the muscle soreness - to rest or work on it? How to boost metabolism?

The lesser-known positive effects of exercise Triceps  both hands, take a dumbbell, hold tight apart, knees slightly bent, upper body tilt slightly forward, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and triceps help you reach out with the elbow level, then slowly lower back to the starting position.
John Barban
 Shoulder Muscle - front shoulder raise: both hands take a dumbbell, hold hip-width apart, palms facing toward your feet rest of the way around, then slow motion, raising our arms in front to shoulder height and slowly release.

If muscle - body stretch: Lie on your stomach, the arms and legs to reach out, faces and palms facing the ground, lift your right leg and left arm off the ground, slowly lower back and perform other arms and legs as well.

Abs - hip lift: Lie on the ground on the right side position, knees bent at right angles, rely on better so that the elbow below the shoulder, on the left we have place left on our feet and lift your hips and held this position lift your left foot, then slowly give back, both sides carry out the practice.

 Thigh - narrow squats: stand with feet tight and pull out, slowly squat down as if you want to sit down in a chair, almost horizontal lower thighs so that your knees do not go in front of the foot.

Buttocks - thighs bending positioned and arms lower keep straight trunk and lift one leg so that the knee angle of 90 degrees is bent, in this situation Stretch your leg, then bend it, do both feet. Warm up and rep Do not forget that before any movement is very important to warm up, take your 10 minutes, so injuries can be avoided to a large extent


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