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Importance of protein for the body and the types and sources and symptoms of deficiency

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Importance of protein for the body and the types and sources and symptoms of deficiency

It is worth mentioning reader that benefit the protein depends on the way outfitted to eat may cause reddening, for example, to reduce its usefulness in addition to making the protein left-handed digestible and whenever digestion fully benefited body from the amino acids in it. ratio, which the body needs protein daily: John Barban Scam

The amount needed to need Human daily animal protein and vegetable are intermediate is one gram per kilogram of body weight to be the amount of animal protein not less than one-third of the total amount of protein necessary for the body noted that the elderly and young children are more in need of protein and this applies to males and females separately Whether. Sources of protein:

animal protein: meat, fish, poultry and eggs. vegetable protein:

 such as grains and nuts of various kinds, and some dairy products, but we have to learn Dear reader that vegetarian cuisine does not provide the body with a large amount of protein so must be maintained on a diet contains a lot of nutrients. Misconceptions about protein:

The protein milk and eggs are almost protein meat but milk, eggs protein compared to meat is very difficult to secure the needs of the human of this protein by these foods. symptoms of protein deficiency:

 There are many symptoms that indicate a lack of protein, including: 1 - fast weight loss 2 - fatigue 3 - Anxiety 4 - low resistance to diseases 5 - The loss of children makes her slow growth, diarrhea, and if this continues, the shortage, it may lead to different symptoms of injury in the liver and to the tumors, and the disruption of hormonal leads to inadequate urination.


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