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The latest stem cell treatment for heart attacks

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The latest stem cell treatment for heart attacks

Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Orlando's heart for the emergence of a new therapy for the treatment of adverse effects,

which keep track of heart attacks that lead to damage to heart muscle cells, using stem cells extracted from the bone marrow of the basin of the patient by a special needle
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The study also indicated that stem cells have succeeded in her job after it has been injected by the telescope that is inserted through an incision groin until it reaches the affected area of the heart, which evolved into new blood vessels in the heart muscle cells damaged and returned to the heart and its vital functions again and made beats stronger.

Here are some of the titles are also quick and private state of the art medical and scientific studies published this week:

The Food and Drug Administration "FDA" to ratify the new drug for brain imaging of beta-amyloidal
The start of the development of a new test for the detection of breast cancer

Better health status for women is the most appropriate time to target pregnancy
Injuring pregnant diabetes raises the injured newborn autism

The discovery of a new innovative way to protect the eye from glaucoma damage
New discovery reduces resistance to anti-malarial drugs, and increases its effectiveness
The emergence of a new treatment for muscular dystrophy

High amylase enzyme saliva protects the risk of diabetes
Use ampoules "Depo-Provera" for a year may make you breast cancer
The discovery of a genetic predictor of a new emergence of new treatments for colon cance


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