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significant weight loss in most patients

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significant weight loss in most patients

John Barban author of Venus Factor Program Review said: What should be the diet? Quite often they do not lead to significant weight loss and even in those cases where the first month of pounds go further adapts the body and weight loss stops. View John Barban Review

 So, in medicine saved the demand for regimes that would lead to a statistically significant weight loss in most patients - at least 70 percent of people who completed the course of treatment.

We call these dietary regimens or unloading - Let me remind you that the diet is the only serious and absolutely necessary element obesity treatment and nothing special about it. Any diet cannot do almost any disease, not only in obesity. Diet and need for peptic ulcer and hypertension and diabetes, it is necessary and if overweight.

 Another thing is what this diet should be? Actually, all of the above are clear basic dietary requirements. Let us formulate them more specifically:

Unloading diet should contain a minimum of fat and carbohydrates, as long as the body can not burn these factors of food, it will not be accepted in its own fat, the diet should provide state of the energy deficit (predominance of calories consumed over), for as long as the energy coming from food is sufficient to cover all daily energy expenditure, the body will not be accepted for the oxidation of the internal energy reserve, that is fat.(https://medium.com/p/415c8bacc69e)


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