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The latest stem cell treatment for heart attacks

Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Orlando's heart for the emergence of a new therapy for the treatment of adverse effects,

which keep track of heart attacks that lead to damage to heart muscle cells, using stem cells extracted from the bone marrow of the basin of the patient by a special needle
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The study also indicated that stem cells have succeeded in her job after it has been injected by the telescope that is inserted through an incision groin until it reaches the affected area of the heart, which evolved into new blood vessels in the heart muscle cells damaged and returned to the heart and its vital functions again and made beats stronger.

Here are some of the titles are also quick and private state of the art medical and scientific studies published this week:

The Food ... [more]

John Barban-Medical researches

Aspirin reduces the chances of cancer
Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the American Cancer Society that taking aspirin, on a daily basis reduces the chances of cancer and lowers rates of emergence of new cases infected, and also reduces the rates of death resulting from infection of various cancers.
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The study added that the use of aspirin, low-dose on a daily basis, had a major role in reducing the emergence of new cases of cancer by 20%, following the use of 3 to 5 years, while the proportion rose to 30% when using aspirin for more than five years, and as I said the incidence of death from cancer when using low-dose aspirin 75 mg on a daily basis for more than five years.

Cosmetics and scented candles raise the risk of diabetes
A study Swedish modern conducted by researchers from the University of ... [more]

Latest medical research-John Barban Scam

Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers that the drug, which is used to treat diabetes type II, his very effective in the prevention and protection from cancer of the liver

The researchers pointed out that the drug showed the effectiveness of a large sugar through his experience on mice in reducing the incidence of liver cancer, where the tumor activity say to a minimum, while the activity of the liver tumor your mice that did not get on the property as it is on the rise, and also enables the drug inhibition of the manufacturing process of fat within the liver which contributes a significant role in reducing the chances of developing liver cancer.

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High sugar and weight may force the carrier to cesarean delivery
Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University U.S. for the high weight of the ...


snacking disappear in long moments

John Barban author of Venus Factor Program Review said: The principle of this trick to losing weight lays in the fact that only a few, of us wants to eat when you have freshly cleaned teeth. Whether because the food tastes of toothpaste rather poorly, or because we simply sorry for your teeth again "dirty". So really only eat 5 times a day and snacking disappear in long moments.

Christina's experience: I have to say that to me this procedure performed. I brought a toothbrush to work and honestly she brushed her teeth whenever I returned from the dining room or at any time, I felt a craving for something good (afternoon snack I maintained to the extent possible) - the taste was really moved very quickly. In addition, Get more Useful Information Venus Factor Review

I found that I fell off trips to the vending machine for hot chocolate or espresso as coffee, et al. the ... [more]

dream journey for the loss of pounds

John Barban author of Venus Factor Program Review said: Mark experience:

The chips get a taste at least three times a week (it's such a black mark on my quest for a healthy diet), but I try not to give her more than three times a month (and always buy the smallest possible package). More Sources Available Venus Factor Review

The idea that
I'll actually be able to satisfy their desire, without having received calories and still do something for your health at first I was excited, so I bought a four pound package of carrots and whenever I fell appetite for potato chips, I just carved. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

 Although I like carrot, potato chips consumed probably just because they hail. From the beginning I said that I'll probably just get used to, but it did not happen. Taste the potatoes just disappeared.

So I had a carrot crunching ...


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